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pyglet 1.2 alpha released. The major 1.2alpha1 release brings pyglet to Python 3. Pyglet now also runs on 64-bit operating systems Linux, Windows and OS X. The OS X layer switched to using Cocoa. There's also a load of bug fixes, updates to the OpenGL wrappers and other minor new improvements. Thanks to the pyglet community for all your effort in getting this release out. Submitted by Richard on 13-July-2012.

pyglet 1.1.4 released. pyglet 1.1.4 has been released, including several important bug fixes. Thanks to the pyglet community for all your effort in getting this release out. Submitted by Richard on 7-January-2010.

New hosting. Thanks to the support of the good people at tummy, now has reliable, fast hosting. If you can read this, your DNS is pointing in the right direction :-) Submitted by Alex on 6-February-2009.

pyglet 1.1.2 released. pyglet 1.1.2 has been released, including several important bug fixes and installation support for Python 2.6. Submitted by Alex on 4-October-2008.

pyglet 1.1.1 released. pyglet 1.1.1 includes several critical bug fixes. We recommend all users download the latest runtime or source package. No changes have been made to the documentation or API in this release. Submitted by Alex on 26-August-2008.

pyglet 1.1 released. The final release of pyglet 1.1 has been released. pyglet 1.1 is backward compatible with pyglet 1.0 and introduces many new features such as formatted text rendering, animated GIF support, fast sprite rendering, resource loading and a managed event loop. Please see the migration guide for all the details. Submitted by Alex on 5-August-2008.

pyglet 1.1 beta 2 released. pyglet 1.1 beta 2 is now available. This release fixes many bugs from the previous release and introduces some minor incompatible API changes in the pyglet.text module. The new text layout features are now documented in the Programming Guide. Windows, Mac and source downloads are available from the download server. The latest Windows and Mac installation packs also include the latest AVbin library. Submitted by Alex on 6-June-2008.

pyglet 1.1 beta 1 released. pyglet 1.1 has hit the beta milestone, which means the API is very unlikely to change and the feature set has been frozen. We'd like you to try this version out for compatibility, and you might also enjoy the new features. This release is available in both source and Windows and Mac OS X installer forms. These installers also bundle the very-recently-released AVbin version 3. All distributions are available from the download server. The latest documentation is available for download and online. Submitted by Alex on 19-April-2008.

pyglet 1.1 alpha 2 released. This is a bug-fixing and documentation release. Lots of bugs introduced with the pyglet 1.1 features have been squashed, and all the new features are now extensively documented in both the API Reference and Programming Guide. If you'd like to join the testing effort, please head on over to the download server to grab a source or egg release. The new documentation is also available online. Submitted by Alex on 23-March-2008.

pyglet 1.1 alpha 1 released. pyglet 1.1 alpha 1 adds more features than any previous release, including fast graphics routines, formatted text layout, animated GIF support, resource loading, and even some bug fixes. If you're not working in a production environment and can afford some instability, go straight to the download server to grab a source or egg release, and start reading up on all the new features. Submitted by Alex on 1-March-2008.

Patch for Python2.5 egg. The pyglet-1.0-py2.5.egg distribution was inadvertently built for Python 2.5b3. pyglet-1.0.2-py2.5.egg, correctly built for Python 2.5, is now available. Submitted by Alex on 11-February-2008.

Patch for OS X installer. Some Mac users had problems with the pyglet-1.0 OS X runtime installer. A new OS X distribution is now available that resolves the issue. This is tagged version 1.0.1, though there are no additional changes from 1.0 beyond the installation procedure. Submitted by Alex on 21-January-2008.

pyglet 1.0 released. pyglet 1.0 has been uploaded. Thanks to the efforts of over 1000 Beta testers, we can confidently say that pyglet works across a large variety of hardware running numerous configurations of Linux, Windows XP and Mac OS X. Please join the release party on the mailing list for support and friendly advice. Submitted by Alex on 17-January-2008.

pyglet 1.0 beta 3 released. Get your hands on the latest Beta release. OS X users will be pleased by the installer improvements. Windows users will be pleased by the improved font rendering. All users will enjoy the multide of miscellaneous fixes to the library code. Submitted by Alex on 8-December-2007.

pyglet 1.0 beta 2 released. This latest beta release fixes a serious Windows installer bug and contains several other critical patches for Windows and Linux users on some systems. Submitted by Alex on 12-November-2007.

pyglet 1.0 beta 1 released. The Beta release is now available from the downloads page. This release contains hundreds of bug fixes from the previous release, new audio drivers for Windows and Linux, and greater platform compatibility. Submitted by Alex on 6-November-2007.

pyglet 1.0 alpha 2 released. This alpha release fixes many bugs, includes a new audio and video implementation, and introduces the pyglet Programming Guide. See the downloads page to grab your copy. Submitted by Alex on 18-August-2007.

FAQ, user pages and developer wiki ready. The FAQ has been moved to a more permanent home where all pyglet-users members can contribute. The development wiki has been moved to Google to make room for some forthcoming documentation.

We'd also like to point you in the direction of the user web pages that can be created within the pyglet-users group. Screenshots from these pages will soon be appearing on

Submitted by Alex on 9-July-2007.

pyglet 1.0 alpha released. This alpha release is feature complete on Linux, with only some audio and video issues remaining on Windows and Mac OS X. You can start developing pyglet applications by downloading the SDK. Submitted by Alex on 27-June-2007.

Approaching Beta. Some major package reorganisation during the past few weeks has cleaned up the code base and put us on track for a Beta release in the next couple of months. Work has begun on the audio and video modules, which will provide surround sound and support for as many codecs as you have installed. Submitted by Alex on 29-March-2007.